We are a Community of Practice (CoP) for Urban WASH practitioners in Nigeria, with vested interests in improving the delivery of basic services (water and sanitation) and in accelerating reforms in this sector.

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Individuals, professionals, WASH Practitioners, Academicians, professional bodies, students, associations, philantropists, donors, CSOs/NGOs, organisations, and institutions interested in partnering with us can sign up using the link below.

The CoP provides a platform for partners to share their knowledge on urban WASH, promote their work, and engage other stakeholders in the sector. 

If you would like to partner with us, please sign up.

Our donor partners include USAID, World Bank, and African Development Bank.


These partners provide technical and funding support for the set-up and running of the Community of Practice. Other development partners are welcome to contribute to the sustenance of the CoP.

The Nigerian Water Supply Association is a corporate partner that provides linkages between the Community of Practice, water utilities, and individuals in the sector.


Other agencies, trade or professional associations, corporate entities, and consultancies that implement, support, provide services and/or products to the urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector can sign up to be Corporate partners.

Urban WASH practitioners, philanthropic-minded persons, and other individuals interested in urban WASH can sign up to be individual partners.

As a Community of Practice, we welcome partners who can contribute to the pool of knowledge and use the resources available on the platform.


Contributions are not limited to local stakeholders in the urban WASH sector - international research institutions and knowledge hubs are welcome to contribute to the platform.

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