USAID-funded WCP Builds Capacity of Bauchi and Kaduna State Water Utilities

To increase Bauchi and Kaduna residents’ access to improved water and sanitation services, the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Coordination Project (WCP) is building the capacity of Bauchi and Kaduna water agency staff on critical governance and technical areas.

The WCP Team conducted an organizational capacity assessment exercise for the water agencies, which led the team to identify areas of improvement for each agency. Staff members from both water agencies (the Bauchi State Water and Sewerage Corporation – BSWSC and the Kaduna State Water Corporation – KADSWAC) participated in training sessions. 

Training on customer friendly services - Kaduna
Participants’ group work on gender mainstreaming in Urban WASH - Bauchi

In all, the WCP Team trained a total of 289 persons (62 females and 227 males) to date. The graph below illustrates the distribution, segregated by state and sex, of the number of BSWSC and KADSWAC staff members trained in each capacity area so far.

Figure 1: Distribution of Participants for trainings, segregated by state and sex

The WCP Team expects another 150 staff members to be trained by the end of April 2018. Training sessions in Bauchi and Kaduna during the next two weeks will focus on strengthening regulatory functions for water and sanitation services and provision of onsite sanitation services delivery.  

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