Women Tasked on Professionalism in Water, Sanitation Sector

Leading women professionals under the auspices of Network of Women Professionals in Water and Sanitation have met in Abuja at the National Water Supply Association International conference holding at the Sheraton hotel to discuss issues affecting their profession and development of the sector.

A brief introduction on the network was done by the Secretary Ms. Felicia Ngaji and this was followed by a session on experience sharing by women who have broken the glass walls and are taking leadership roles in the sector through their work in the sector. Contributions were made by Engr. (Mrs.) Agbeyo, GM Ekiti State Water Corporation, who encouraged the women and challenged them to do more and be unafraid to contribute to the growth of their organisations. Participants on the floor also contributed and shared their experiences and how they were able to change the narrative of women in their various workplaces through their work.

In a Keynote address on “Women Supporting Women in State Water Agencies: How to Measure Performance through the Right Competence, Experience and Qualification”, Ms. Nnenna Didigu shared the results of a survey on what women thought about working with female bosses. The survey disclosed that out of 46 respondents, 19 (41.3%) preferred female bosses whilst 27 (58.7%) disagreed.  She underscored the need for women to be a source of encouragement to each other, and highlighted some key areas where women could support one another in the work place such as Mentoring, Capacity Building, Leading by example, Promoting professionalism in the work place and Rewarding excellence. She concluded by saying that the more women who attain leadership positions, the better for all women.

The National Coordinator, Barr. (Mrs.) Cordelia Agbo. thanked all the women present for their participation and encouraged them to come together and do more sighting the Enugu experience where women came together to form a task force responsible for revenue and supported the utility to increase their revenue base by over 100%.

The event was attended by 55 participants from different organisations across the 36 states who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity of the meeting and noted that they were inspired to do things differently and develop themselves more.

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